USD Coin (USDc) - What is and how it works


USDC is a faster, safer, and more efficient way to send, spend, and exchange money around the globe. USDC is also known as a stablecoin that’s available 24/7 and moves at internet speed. USDC lives natively on the internet, and billions of USDC change hands every day, and every digital dollar of USDC can always be exchanged 1:1 for cash.

USDC transcends borders and banking hours. As a digital dollar with global reach, USDC can be available whenever and wherever you need it. It’s easy to send USDC around the world, pay for goods and services, or save for the future. Anyone with an internet connection can send, receive, and save USDC.To learn more about USDC, click here.

What do you need to provide to create a Hyperion account?


Opening an account with Hyperion is easy. You need to have the following personal information and business documentation.

  1. Personal information:
    a. Name and last name
    b. Date of birth
    c. E-mail
    d. Phone number.
  2. Passport or driving license.
    Take a picture of the physical document with your phone and attach it to the App.
  3. Business information:
    a. Business legal name
    b. Address
    c. E-mail
    d. EIN
    e. Owner's personal information:  name, email, phone number, and ownership %
    f. Web (optional)
    g. Business phone number (optional)
    h. Incorporation date.

Entities that regulate and support our operation to keep your assets safe.


Hyperion has a "money transmitter license" (MTL) granted by the OCIF (Puerto Rico Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions), which allows us, under the law, to guard and secure your assets.

Different entities constantly carry out audits to ensure that we meet high-security standards to reduce fraud within our system and to maintain high standards of prevention against money laundering and terrorist financing.

Times to see your transfers and payments reflected.

  • Fund your Hyperion’s wallet from your bank will take 1 to 5 minutes to be reflected in the app.
  • Making transactions between Hyperion's accounts is immediate; you will see the new balance in the app in a matter of seconds.
  • Transferring your Hyperion assets to external bank accounts is done immediately; however, it will take 3 to 5 business days to see the balance in your bank.
  • Making payments with your physical or virtual cards is immediate. The amount of your purchase automatically debits from the Hyperion balance.