Introducing Hyperion's Small Business Banking Hub

March 23, 2021

San Juan, Puerto Rico - Tech entrepreneurs and fintech aficionados Hector Ayala and Demibán Diaz are announcing Hyperion, the banking hub that makes bootstrapping and running a small business simple and accessible. Our mission is to break the barrier of entry for all those who want to reinvent themselves and start their business. In a nutshell, Hyperion centralizes the essentials elements for running a business such as:

Hyperion enables new owners to pass through the process of validating their business once and have an FDIC-insured bank account and financial tools readily available in less than a day. The benefit, businesses can quickly start to sell their product/service, add payroll employees, pay service providers, and track expenses with the confidence that they’ll be in financial compliance.

"Most business ideas start small, even before the person sets up a business account and operations," said Demibán Diaz, Co-Founder of Hyperion. "Hyperion will be an invaluable solution for first-time founders, new owners, and independent workers that want to start a business. We believe that facilitating business creation is an essential step in fast-tracking the economic development of any population."

"The world is going through a fintech revolution," said Hector Ayala, Co-Founder of Hyperion. "With new banking innovations, we are leveraging partners' services that are scalable, specialized, and most importantly, secure and regulated. These innovations allow us to focus on making Hyperion the solution user's needs and develop our technology faster."

Development of Hyperion is already underway. Stay up to date with the latest info on Hyperion's progress by joining our waitlist and following us on social media.

About Hyperion

Hyperion is a fintech startup that merges banking and tech innovation to serve small businesses. Hyperion's all-in-one banking account integrates essential financial services for small businesses in a single app. Customers create accounts in minutes, getting access to banking, payments, payroll, and financial reports, reducing upfront cost, making business finance setup and management simple. Hyperion is based in San Juan, Puerto Rico. For more information please get in touch by emailing

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