All-in-one banking for small businesses

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¿Tu banco te obliga a visitarlos o llamarlos para solicitar servicios y apoyo?
¿Quieres mejorar tu situación financiera, pero tu banco no ofrece formas de lograrlo?
¿Quieres saber tu potencial financiero, pero tu banco no te provee asesoría personalizada?
¿Tu banco no es transparente con las tarifas que te cobra y cómo maneja tu datos?
¿Tienes varias cuentas y es difícil administrar, monitorear y mover tu dinero?
¿No se recompensan tus años de lealtad y confianza en tu banco?

Manage business finances fast, simple, and secure

All-In-One Banking
Centralization of assets.
Centralize your personal & business banking, payment services & reporting.
Simple Business
User personalization.
Quickly set your business to start sending and receiving payments in minutes.
Secured Operations
Rotating lock for security.
Have peace of mind by running your business secured and in financial compliance.

Business Incorporation

We guide you through the essentials and handle the rest. Spend 10 minutes filling out a bit of information, and then we’ll create the legal framework for your company.

Hyperion Account

We will offer FDIC insured accounts, and transfers such as ACH, Wires, and Peer-2-Peer. Also, as part of our offering, you will be able to find businesses in our network.

Card and Payment Solutions

We will offer Virtual Debit Cards such as Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay. Physical Debit Cards, and accept payments with cards, ACH, and Peer-2-Peer. Tax Collections.

World class business banking

Example of Hyperion credit card.
Floating iPhone with view of payment.
Hyperion Personal
& Business Accounts
No minimum balance or hidden fees
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FDIC insured
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Instant debit cards
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Low-cost P2P payments
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Mobile Point-of-Sale
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ACH & Card payments
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Automate transfers & payments
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Simple payroll service
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Organize & automate tax collection
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Discover business services in our network
More to come ...
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Innovation never ends

We're partnering with banking, security, and payment innovators to continuously bring a great experience on Hyperion. For you this means frequent updates, reliable access, and peace of mind.

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Who we are

Over 99% of businesses in the US, Latam, and EU are small businesses, and each year new ones keep emerging. Every idea starts small, so the new business owner must figure out the product to start selling. These new owners are the ones reinventing themselves, and they need a straightforward solution that is cost-effective, quick to set up, covers the business basics, and gets the job done with minimal hassle. We believe that facilitating business creation is an essential step in fast-tracking the economic development of any population.

We want to lower the entry barrier into entrepreneurship and level the field for people who would otherwise not have the financial resources to start a business traditionally.

Why Hyperion?

Hyperion is the tallest known living tree in the world, towering above its surrounding forest canopy. We want to be a beacon of financial excellence and help our customer grow their business sky-high.

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