The perfect solution for Streamlining your business sales taxes.

Our Sales Tax processor automates and takes care of every step of the process.
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The ultimate solution for always being in good standing with your business taxes.

Say goodbye to the stress of tax compliance

The faster, easiest, and safest way to manage your business taxes


The safety and security of your sensitive information is our top priority. Our system encrypts and protects your data so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your information is secure.

Save money, time and effort

Stop hiring accountants or spending countless hours compiling data and crunching numbers, our system does it all for you. Our system efficiently generates accurate reports that comply with tax regulations, saving you time and effort.

Always in good standing

Our system ensures that your taxes are filed accurately and on time, avoiding any potential penalties or fines. We understand the importance of compliance, we ensure you are always in good standing with tax authorities.

How it works
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Sign up and create your business account.


Add sales and purchase amounts.

Daily, weekly, or monthly. Our system adapts to the needs of your business


Generate the sales tax report in two clicks.

Review the sales and purchase amounts to be accurate and confirm before generating the report.


Relax about your taxes and focus on growing your business:

We automatically generate an accurate report that complies with tax regulations, file it and pay it for you at SURI.


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(Integrate  your point-of-sales and automate all processes)

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